7 Habits of Happiest People 

In today’s time, every second person is stressed about something or the other. Some are troubled because of their work and some because of their lifestyle. In such a situation, people have forgotten to be happy, forget even to smile. In such a situation, we can make our life successful by adopting 7 habits of happy people.

But there are some people in this world who are seen smiling even in the worst situations. If we talk about Sanatan Dharma, there is only one God in this religion – Lord Shri Krishna. 

If we look at his life, his entire life from childhood to youth is full of sorrows. He has struggled all his life. Shri Krishna ji was born in jail, killed many demons in his childhood, he is smiling even while killing his maternal uncle Kansa.

Despite being God, he is struggling with the struggle of life like a common man but is happy. 

From this we learn that this life is full of difficulties, there will be ups and downs at every turn of life, now it depends on us whether we spend our entire life blaming others and regretting our mistakes. Or are they happily struggling to accept what has passed? 

If we want to live this life to the fullest then we will find many happy people in this world who are full of positivity. There are many such habits of theirs from which we can learn a lot, out of which we can learn this skill of living life by adopting 7 habits of happy people. He has these habits –

1. Keeping yourself busy 

It is believed that when a person sits idle for a long time, most of the thoughts that come to his mind are negative. There is also a saying – “An empty mind is the house of the devil.” 

Now, the more negative a person thinks, the more disappointed and frustrated he will become and his life will become dull. 

For example, we can see the lifestyle of American businessman and Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates. He knows very well how to keep himself busy by reading about 50 books a year. 

Even during his holidays, he spends about 3 hours a day reading books. This way of keeping oneself busy and gaining knowledge is very beneficial. 

We can consider this habit as one of the 7 habits of happy people. In this way, we can also share the knowledge gained from reading books with other people. Perhaps this is why it has been said that – 

“Books are man’s true friends.”  

2. Live in the present

Nowadays, it has become a habit of most of the people that if they do something wrong or suffer any loss, then they keep regretting about that thing and even waste their time thinking about all this. 

One definitely feels sad when there is a loss, it is human nature, but it will not get better just by thinking about it. If seen, instead of mourning the time that has passed, we should learn to live happily in the present and do our work by adopting the 7 habits of happy people. 

One should do his work by adopting 7 habits of people who are happy after learning.

We can understand this better through a poem ‘Jo Beet Gayi So Baat Gayi’ by the famous Hindi poet ‘Harivansh Rai Bachchan’ –

“There was a star in life

I thought he was very cute

he drowned he drowned

look at amber’s joy

how many of its stars have broken

how many loved ones are left behind

Where can we find those who were left behind?

But speak on the broken strings

when does amber mourn

let it go.”

3. Friendly personality 

It is often seen that a person who is cheerful talks to everyone. Some listen to their stories and some tell their own stories. 

By doing this, an environment is created in which if any person faces any problem related to his work or life, then he can easily share it with that happy person.  

What will happen is that due to his friendly personality, he will make even a serious situation light and by adopting the 7 habits of happy people, the solution to that problem will also be found in an atmosphere of laughter and fun.

4. Keeping an optimistic attitude 

Optimistic means always talking about good things or believing in success. If we get stuck in a situation which is not in our favour, then instead of saying that ‘Now everything is ruined or nothing can be done now.’ 

We should keep positive thinking. Like:- Everything will be fine or I will definitely get success next time. 

One of the richest people in the world, Founder of SpaceX and CEO of Twitter – Elon Musk, is a living example of an optimistic attitude. Recently, he suffered a loss of about 200 Billion Dollars from his car company Tesla. 

This loss was so huge that it is considered to be the biggest loss in the world till date and when he was asked about it in an interview, his answer was even more shocking. 

Regarding this loss, he said, “Their long-term fundamentals are quite strong. It is madness to keep changing this short-term market. 

Even after suffering the world’s biggest loss, jokingly calling this loss a short term market shows that he believes in success. By incorporating 7 habits of happy people in your life, you can make your personality like them.

5. Always keep learning something new 

People who have curiosity means the desire to know something new. He never gets bored with any one work because he always likes to keep learning something new along with it. 

We can understand the happiness we get from learning something new in this way that according to Neuro Science, whenever we learn something new, the formation of our brain cells changes. 

Due to which we feel very happy to do something new and we can feel this happiness by adopting 7 habits of happy people.   

We can understand this in such a way that if a person is doing a job and a time comes when he starts getting bored with his work, then in such a situation a common person will get disappointed or will start thinking of changing his job. . 

But there is also a person who likes to learn something new along with his job, it could also be his hobby. Whether it is related to his job or not. He will handle such situations happily.

6. Don’t show off 

Nowadays people have started showing off a lot. People are less happy and pretend to be happy more. Like:- Celebrities post posts on social media platforms with fake smiles every day and many people get disappointed after seeing their lifestyle.

To copy their lifestyle, they pretend to live a luxury lifestyle by buying expensive clothes. Due to this, firstly they spend more money than they need and secondly after some time they also lose people’s attention.  

Rather, it is better not to show off and be happy with what you have, how it is, whether it is less or more, and concentrate more on your work. If we look at Elon Musk, he is one of the richest people in the world. 

He sold his multi-million dollar bungalow just because he felt that a lot of time was wasted in commuting from office to home and now he lives in a small house worth only 45,000 dollars next to his office. 

We can avoid this hypocrisy of showing off by adopting 7 habits of happy people. There is an English proverb which fits perfectly with Elon Musk and that is – 

“Simple Living High Thinking”

7. Liking your work 

If we look at it, there are almost 90% people in this world who are unhappy with their work. When they do not get the work of their choice, they are forced to do other work.

Because of which neither he remains happy in his life nor is he able to do his work well. 7 habits of happy people can save them from this problem.

On the other hand, there are some people who either do their favorite work and if they do not get their favorite work then whatever work they do, they happily put their 100% effort into it.

Liking your work is one of those efforts. Due to which they not only get growth in their career but also they do not have to find any separate reason to be happy.

Conclusion:- Everyone’s life in this world is full of struggles and difficulties. There are two ways to live this – first, we spend our life cursing God and fate for the troubles in our life. 

Another way is to adopt the 7 habits of happy people and enjoy life while facing these problems with joy and happiness. 

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