10 rules to make business successful Rules for Business Success

Business means selling your service or product to any person and converting it into profit. In business, there is no guarantee that you will always make profit.

If you do not follow the rules of business seriously, then there is as much possibility of loss in your business as there is possibility of profit, that is why it is very important for you to know about the 10 rules to make business successful.

Business can also be defined in such a way that if an organization or company earns money by selling services or goods, then it also comes under business.

What is successful business?

Every businessman in this world wants to do a successful business. Everyone wants their business to climb the ladder of success but not everyone’s business is successful.

Whenever a successful businessman starts a business, that person never thinks about how to become rich? That person thinks how can he make this business successful? A businessman’s ideas have a big contribution in a successful business.

The thoughts of every businessman are different but there are some qualities which are common in all. Only these qualities help them in becoming successful businessmen. In 10 rules for making business successful, we will introduce you to these qualities.

Many difficult and easy situations come in the life of all business people, all that is needed is good co-ordination and to face those problems. Today we will tell you some elements by adopting which you can take your business towards success.

1. Accept Good Advice

The first rule among the 10 rules for making business successful is – accept good advice. It is not necessary that all the people giving you advice are right and it is not necessary that everyone will give you wrong advice. Now the question arises that how should the advice be scrutinized?

As a solution to this problem, you can appoint such a person as your advisor. If we look at our history, there were 9 gems in Akbar’s court, including ‘Birbal’, with whom he used to consult.

Similarly, during the time period of King Porus, the great scholar and economist ‘Chanakya’ was guiding him.

2. Learn Something New Everyday

No opportunity will ever knock your door. You will have to pounce on him immediately and to pounce on him, this rule included in the 10 rules for making business successful will prove to be very effective.

This rule is – learn something new every day. You should keep learning something every day from the activities happening around you and the behavior of the people you meet. Whenever you come across a situation which you do not understand well, you need to pay attention to it and understand the essential facts.

When you pay attention to this, you will be surprised that even a simple conversation with those people will give you the solution, if you listen to them carefully.

3. Celebrate Your Failures

Celebrate your failure also and you can find new ways to do this. You must find some humor even in your failures. This is the most interesting rule among the 10 rules to make business successful.

If you take your failure very seriously then tension surrounds you. Instead of taking tension, when you are tension free, your companions also start feeling lighter along with you.

You should always keep celebrating, if any of your projects fails then there is no point in getting angry and abusing your employees.

It is much better than this that you declare a day as a non-working day in your office and ask your employees to relax and do their favorite work for a day and start afresh from the next day. Do it.

4. Provide better customer service

Providing better service to customers than expected can prove to be a plus point for your business. By doing this, customers will get their work done from you again and again instead of going to someone else.

You can take Amazon company as its example. Their strategy related to delivery is really amazing. If you order something from this company, they give 5 to 6 days for delivery and deliver the goods on the fourth day itself.

Due to this, the customer is happy as he got his product quickly and the company deliberately gives more time to the customer and delivers it on time. For this reason, providing better service than expected to the customer is one of the 10 important rules for making business successful.

5. Take A Flexible Approach

Adopting a flexible attitude: Among the 10 rules to make business successful, there is a slightly stricter rule, by adopting which you will either take your business to progress or you will have to switch your business. This rule is mostly adopted in the initial days of business because the risk is less at that time.

We can understand it in this way that this is a rule where you always get competitive advantage. If you run an efficient operation, there will be chances that you will make many different mistakes and still get good results in the end.

If this happens then you will be called brilliant but if the situation is opposite i.e. you make many different mistakes and are continuously failing, then you can start this business assuming that you are unskilled for this business. Can be out of.

6. Listen To Everyone

You must have heard this many times that you should listen to everyone in your company and give importance to each of your employees.

Today we are going to tell you about one of the 10 rules for making business successful, which initially you will find a bit strange to believe but later you will also start considering it as a good rule.

Actually, the rule is to listen to everyone, whether it is someone from your company or someone from outside. Actually, there was a toothpaste company in the 1950s, their toothpaste was not being sold, so they asked people to give suggestions through open competition.

A person came to him and said that he had an idea in which he would get about 40% profit even without doing anything new but he would sell his idea for $100,000.

At first he sent it saying that he would contact him later but when he did not get any specific idea later, he made a deal with him. Then he took out a brown envelope and gave it to them. There was a small slip of paper in the envelope. There were only four words on the slip: “Enlarge the hole.”

This idea really benefited the company a lot. This story was never officially published by the company, due to which this story has remained a myth.

7. Share your profit with all your partners

If any of your project becomes successful then you should share your profit with all your colleagues, doing this is one of the 10 rules of making business successful and it also enhances your image as a good leader and boss. Will be made in.

It is not necessary to wait for a big project, you can share small projects also. It is not necessary that you give increment to your employees every time. You can also share your profit with all of them in the form of a party.

8. Find your product market fit

The most important job of any founder is to establish coordination between his product and the market demand and for this it is important that your product is suitable for the market.

Among the 10 rules for making business successful, this rule is the most effective, but 99% of the companies cease to exist only because they fail to fit their market properly and adapt their product accordingly. .

9. Don’t Expect Miracles

10 rules to make business successful: You will be successful only when you follow this one rule and this rule is – do not expect miracles.

Yes, some people earn money while away on holidays and the internet makes this possible but this is only if they have invested a lot of time, effort and money in growing the business and building a team to take it forward.

If you have recently started your business and you are thinking that your business will start growing immediately, then this is an illusion.

10. People Don’t Read

This world is fast and furious. No one here has time to even wait for a few moments and listen to you, so while designing anything, if you want other people to read it, then you have to keep some things in mind.

You have to keep things short and concise in your website, brochure, newsletter, advertisement because people do not read.

As far as possible, instead of writing long paragraphs, try to convey your message with lots of pictures. By doing this, profit can be earned by using this rule which is included in the 10 rules for making business successful.


If you follow the 10 rules to make business successful then you will really be successful in taking your business to the heights of success.

Actually, these 10 rules will serve as your guide, what else do you want to do? And how to do it? You will have to take care of this. You can take help of these rules if you get stuck in such a situation that you cannot find any way out, but you cannot depend completely on them.

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