5 Best Serial Killer Web Series – (2023)

Currently, such a platform has come which has diverted all the audience from Bollywood to itself and this platform is OTT Platform.

This platform has been created only for watching web series and movies. Here people get to watch series or movies of their choice. Many people like to watch series related to Comedy, Romance, Thriller or Action, while some people like suspense and crime.

If you like stories related to suspense and crime, then today’s blog will prove to be very useful for you. The serial killers in these movies and series mentioned by us are so cruel that their cruelty is beyond your imagination.
These 5 series are like this

1. Indian Predator: The Diary of a Serial Killer

‘Indian Predator: The Diary of a Serial Killer’ is a documentary which is the story of a man who murdered 14 people which was very dangerous.

After murdering people, he boiled the brains of some people and drank them, while he cut the bodies of some people into pieces and threw them away. You can get the opportunity to watch this documentary on Netflix.

This is a small series of 3 episodes, in which each episode is of 40 minutes. It has been released in 10 languages ​​so far, and tells the stories of 3 different characters: a murderer, a king and a cannibal.

The series begins with the case of a journalist and details about his previous murders are revealed, but along with the story of his crime, layers of social equation and thinking of Raja Kolandar, a psychologist and an anthropologist, are also exposed. Is.

The biggest hair-raising moment of this documentary comes when Raja Kolandar himself comes in front of the camera. For this conversation that took place inside the jail, when Raja is walking in through the cell door, his movements and body language look very interesting.

His appearance, eyes, style of talking and complete body language is such that whenever he is on screen, you want to listen to him with full attention. There is almost a hypnotizing feel in his entire personality.

2. The Hunt For Veerappan

‘The Hunt for Veerappan’ documentary series available on Netflix tells the story of Veerappan in 4 episodes. It depicts the incidents from Veerappan’s childhood till his death.

Although you must have heard many stories of Veerappan, but how did Veerappan become and how did he murder the policemen? The mind becomes completely numb after seeing how he was cut into pieces and how even today his death remains a question mark.

Veerappan is a criminal who was accused of 184 murders, illegal hunting of 2000 elephants, smuggling of elephant tusks worth Rs 16 crore and smuggling of sandalwood worth 65 tonnes (about Rs 143 crore).

Veerappan had created terror in the forests of MM Hills with his domination and murders. Sporting his thick moustache, Veerappan had once inspired fear in both Karnataka and Tamil Nadu.

The most interesting thing was that where Veerappan was the biggest challenge for the state governments, the local people had given Veerappan the title of ‘Robin Hood of India’. This documentary series also highlights those aspects of the life of a sandalwood smuggler of which most people are unaware.

3. Posham Pa

Ragini Khanna, Sayani Gupta and Mahie Gill have played lead roles in the web series ‘Posham Pa’ released in the year 2019. This series shows the story of two sisters from Maharashtra, who kidnapped 40 children. Posham Pa is a psychological thriller, inspired by true events.

He murdered 12 of these children. This series is based on a true incident. This series named Posham Pa can be seen on G5.

Director ‘Suman Mukhopadhyay’s film ‘Posham Pa’ has characters inspired by real life convicted serial killers ‘Seema Gavit’ and ‘Renuka Shinde’. These women were instigated by their mother ‘Anjana Gavit’ to kidnap several children and force them to beg and steal.

When the children started deviating from their purpose, they were killed by those 3 women.

4. Abhay

The web series ‘Abhay’ of ‘Vijay Raj’ and ‘Kunal Khemu’ was released in the year 2019. There are 3 seasons of this series and they are being liked very much by the audience.

This story of ‘Abhay’ series is the story of a murderer, who murders people in the name of soul and salvation. You can watch this interesting series on G5.

‘Abhay’ is a crime thriller series, whose first season won a lot of praise due to its characters, story and atmosphere. Abhay is an honest, brave and arrogant officer, who can go to any extent to catch criminals.

His biggest specialty is that he can understand the thinking of criminals very easily. Even the smallest clue at the crime scene cannot hide from Abhay’s hawk-like eyes.

5. Auto Shankar

This web series named Auto Shankar tells the scary story of an auto driver in Chennai between the years 1985 to 1995, in which Shankar becomes a serial killer and murders many people.

This series is divided into 10 episodes, which you can watch on G5. The story of this web series teaches us that there is no end to cruelty and violence.

In the 80s, Auto Shankar had become an alternative to panic. He liked to commit murder in filmy style. Sometimes his favorite hobby was to get people stuck alive in the wall and sometimes to burn them in fire and then throw them into the sea.


If you like crime based web series, then this web series depicting the story of 5 Best Serial Killers will really fill you with thrill and suspense.

In this you will get a chance to see the cruelty and violence hidden not only in men but also in women. The method of murder of the serial killers present in these series is so painful that even people’s souls tremble after seeing it.

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