7 habits of successful people – 7 habits that make you super successful

What is ‘habit’ ? Today we will first talk about this topic, what is called habit. Then what are the 7 habits that make one super successful? There will be discussion on that.

When a person deliberately does something repeatedly of his own free will. Then after some time that work starts getting done automatically without any effort. The result of these repeated optional tasks is called habit .

If we talk about English language, then habit in English language is called ‘Habit’. Actually, this word is made from the word Habitus / Habere of Latin Language . Which means ‘to receive’.

definition of habit

The topic of habit is so vast that to understand and explain it, many psychologists have given many definitions of habit. Some of which definitions are as follows –

  • Psychologist James, while defining habit, has described it as the ‘second nature’ of man.
  • According to William James , “Habit is the repetition of the animal’s previous behavior.”
  • According to Garrett , “Habit is the name given to behavior that is repeated so often that it becomes automatic.

7 habits of successful people 7 habits that make you super successful

Nowadays everyone wants to become super successful but how can one become super successful? He doesn’t know this. After all, what should he do? How to do? Due to which he can become a super successful person. We will try to satisfy your curiosity through this blog.

If we look at it, today’s successful people have reached the position they are in because of their habits. Habits determine 95% of any person’s behavior.

Whatever you are today and whatever you will achieve in your life depends to a large extent on the quality of the habits you have formed. By adopting good habits and positive behavior you can also live a prosperous and successful life .

We will tell you what are the 7 habits that make you super successful, by adopting which you will be able to become a truly super successful person .

1) Goal – Oriented

Among the 7 habits that make one super successful, the first one comes – goal-oriented . You have to become a habitual goal setter and show your dedication to working on each clear, written goals in your life and forming daily habits.

If seen, all super successful people are highly goal-oriented. Do they really know what they want?

Before doing any of his work, he writes it down somewhere , then planning is done to complete this work and later he adjusts that plan in his daily routine . Then finally he starts working on that plan.

We believe that to achieve your goals, you have to change your habits to work skillfully.

Like:- If we take the example of a shoes manufacturing company , then first of all that company makes notes about which investors it has to target and what are their requirements?

Then according to their requirements, 4 to 5 shoe designs are planned and discussed daily so that if investors reject 2 of them, then at least 3 designs get selected and finally those selected designs But the work is started.

2) Results Driven

We can take result driven as the second habit of super successful people. The 7 Habits That Make You Super Successful is made up of 2 results-driven practices .

The first of these practices is – Continuous Learning Practice:  Continuous learning practice is important so that whatever work you do, you can become better at it.

If you keep learning anything continuously then you will get 2 benefits from it. Firstly, you will be aware of the changes coming in that field and secondly, you will never have the ego that you have learned everything and no one is better than you.

The best example of this is that, along with teaching the children, a teacher also focuses on what are the new methods through which the children can be taught better. Online Teaching is a successful example of this.

The second practice is – Time Management:  This means that out of all the work you do, first of all decide which of your work is more important and which work is less important. . Then concentrate and do the most important work according to your time.

3) Task Oriented

If we talk about the third major habit, we can take work oriented as this habit. Under this habit, if there is something that you need to work on, it is to keep doing something continuously .

This habit is the most important habit for material success . One of the 7 habits that make one super successful is called the ability to continue any work oriented work and complete it quickly.

Whatever work you do, it is very important to have this habit within you to become successful in that work quickly.

You need to overcome your fears and try your hardest to achieve your most important goals. Combination of Goal Orientation, Result Orientation and Task Orientation is the key to success in itself.

Its advantage is that a Task Oriented Leader constantly supervises his team and sets a deadline for any work and this schedule is followed by the rest of the team.

Due to which the team also starts working effectively and productively, and every person does his work before the deadline.

4) People Oriented

We can consider people-oriented as the fourth habit among the 7 habits that make one super successful. People-oriented means people-oriented.

It will be your own decision to develop within yourself the habits of Patience, Kindness, Compassion and Understanding . All the happiness in your life will come from your ability to behave well with other people.

As Aristotle, a renowned scholar of Western literature, said, “The only way to learn a habit is to practice it regularly. The more you practice being a truly excellent person in your relationships with others, the more you will internalize those qualities and truly become that person.”

5) Health Conscious

Health awareness can be counted as the fifth habit. This means that you should always eat healthy food in proper amount and choose your food carefully .

Only when you are conscious about your health will you exercise regularly. By continuously using every muscle and joint of your body, your body can be kept fit and agile.

You should have a good habit of exercising, which along with your diet will make you capable of living a healthy life for many years and will be called one of the 7 habits that make you super successful.

6) Honesty

Honesty is also an important habit included in the 7 habits that make one super successful. You build your own character in your life, which is more important than anything else.

Honesty means that whatever you do, it should be reality based . You must be completely dedicated to yourself and the world around you.

You can decide many values ​​for yourself and mold yourself according to those values. Under honesty you can develop your point of view. Then you can live your life according to your highest ideals .

To maintain this honesty, you should never compromise with your honesty for anything.

This habit of honesty is important for all the other good habits you are developing. For this reason you can keep honesty at the sixth position.

7) Self-Disciplined

The seventh habit is the habit which guarantees all other habits, that is self-discipline . Your ability to discipline yourself, master yourself and control yourself is called self-discipline and it is the most important habit.

If you develop this habit, which is included in the 7 habits that make you super successful, then it will mean that you have almost achieved your goal.
Self-discipline is that habit, by adopting which you can work equally in both the joy of victory and the sorrow of defeat.


Each habit included in the 7 habits that make one super successful like: goal-oriented, result driven, work oriented, people oriented, health conscious, honest, self-discipline etc. can be developed.

Whatever situation you are in today and whatever you are, is because of your habits. Today you can shape your character and personality and have complete control over everything that happens to you in the future.

If you want to become super successful, then start improving your personality by adopting these habits today itself.

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