Beneficial Yoga Poses For Working Women

The word Yogasana has been taken from Sanskrit language. The word Yogasana has been created from the combination of two words ‘Yuj ‘ and ‘Aasan’ of this language . While the word Yuj means “to gather”, Asana means “body postures”.

If you want to make your body beautiful, healthy and disease free, then yoga plays an important role in it and if we talk about women, then yoga asanas which are beneficial for working women further enhance their personality.

There are at least 3 to 4 postures in Yogasana for each part of our body. These postures of yoga are called Yogasana.

Yogasana has many names by which it is addressed. Like: Yogic Kriya, Yoga Mudra etc.

India is the only country where people have made Yogasana a part of their life since ancient times. If we look at today’s time, even today the Government of India organizes many competitions to promote Yogasana.

Apart from this, Yogasana is also being developed as a sport. Information related to Yogasana is also available in the Vedas of our country like Rigveda etc.

Importance of yoga in the lives of working women

It is often said that it is the woman who makes the house a home. Then she also manages both the house and the family living in that house. Due to which her life becomes so busy that she is unable to pay attention to her body.

If they are unable to pay attention to their body, they have to face physical and mental problems like obesity, thyroid, hormonal disorder etc. Due to which their lifestyle is not only affected but it also creates an atmosphere of worry and sadness in their family.

Women can come out of such an environment by balancing their mind, body and soul through yoga. Yogasana can be adopted at any stage of life and at any age.

In the corporate sector, the problems related to emotional health and incomplete sleep of women who are working for many hours and struggling with family pressure can also be managed by Yogasana. Today we will discuss only about yoga asanas beneficial for working women.

Chakrasana (Wheel Pose)

Method of doing Chakrasana

To do Chakrasana, first of all lie down on your back. After that, bend your legs and keep your feet firmly on the floor.
Now turn your palms upside down and place them below the shoulders or near the ears. Keep in mind that while doing this, your fingers should point forward.
Now as you inhale, simultaneously press your palms and feet into the ground for support.
Then straighten your arms and legs and raise your pelvis.
Now slowly, make an arch by lifting your entire body upwards and gently put your head back to relax your neck.


Doing Chakrasana not only relieves stress but also improves eyesight. Apart from this, extra fat of the body is reduced.

Chakrasana is also done to strengthen the muscles of arms, legs and back. Due to the many benefits of Chakrasana, this asana has been kept among the beneficial yoga asanas for working women.

Anjaneyasana (Low Lunge Pose)

Method of doing Anjaneyasana

To do Anjaneyasana, one of the beneficial yoga asanas for working women, first sit on your knees with your legs bent.
Then take your left foot backwards and place the sole of the right foot on the ground.
Now take both the hands above your head and join them together.
Then bend backwards comfortably.
While doing this, take your hands backwards as far as possible.
Remain in this position for some time, then come back to the old position.


By doing Anjaneyasana, the abdominal muscles are stretched, due to which the abdominal organs start working actively. Anjaneyasana speeds up the digestion process. Doing this asana daily provides relief from sciatica pain in the legs.

Halasana (Plough Pose)

Method of doing Halasana

To do this yoga asana, lie down on your back with your arms at your side.
Then, while inhaling, lift your leg upwards up to 90 degrees from the ground with the help of abdominal muscles.
Now while inhaling and exhaling, lift your hips and back upwards from the ground with the help of hands.
Then take your legs above your head to an angle of 180 degrees and touch the ground behind them. Keep in mind that your back should be straight on the ground.
Rest for a while in this pose of Halasana. After that, relax – slowly bring your legs back and exhale.


By doing Halasana, metabolism increases in our body. Which helps in reducing weight. Halasana increases flexibility in the spine and also provides relief from back pain. For this reason, Halasana has proved to be a beneficial yoga asana for working women.

Sarvangasana (Shoulder Stand Pose)

Method of doing Sarvangasana

To do Sarvangasana, lie down on your back.
Now lift the legs, waist and hips upwards together. While doing this, your entire weight will come on your shoulders and neck.
Then with the help of hands, keep your waist raised upwards for some time.
While doing Sarvangasana, keep your elbows close to the ground and if possible, try to keep the entire body including the legs straight.
Then touch the chest to the chin.
Then wait for some time and slowly return to the previous position.


Regularly doing Sarvangasana provides relief from enlarged and swollen varicose veins. Along with reducing hair fall, Sarvangasana also reduces tension. Apart from this, due to this asana the heart has to make less effort to deliver oxygenated blood to the body parts.

That is why Sarvangasana has been placed in the list of beneficial yoga asanas for working women.

Ustrasana (Camel Pose)

Method of doing Ustrasana

To do Ustrasana, which is a beneficial yoga asana for working women, first of all sit on your knees and place both your hands on the hips.
Now your knees should be parallel to the shoulders and the soles of the feet should be upwards.
Then touch your soles with your palms. While doing this, your head should be backwards i.e. upwards.
Stay in this position for some time and keep breathing comfortably.
Then slowly return to the previous position.


If you do Ustrasana regularly then the fat deposited on the thighs gets reduced. This yoga asana proves to be very beneficial for women doing sitting jobs. Doing Ustrasana expands the stomach and intestines, which helps in dealing with the problem of constipation.

Butterfly Pose

Method of doing butterfly asana

To do Butterfly Asana, first sit in Sukhasana posture.
Then bend both your legs at the knees and keep them inside in such a way that the soles of your feet start touching each other.
Now try to keep the legs as close to the pubic area as possible. In simple words, try to pull your heels inwards.
Then hold both your legs together with your hands and keep your spine as straight as possible. Now inhale further and place both hands on your knees.
While exhaling, move your knees up and down until they touch the ground.
Breathing slowly, repeat this process about 15 to 20 times.


Doing butterfly posture daily helps in reducing pain related to natural child birth. Doing butterfly asana provides relief from thigh pain. Butterfly posture is considered a very good stretch exercise to relieve stress and fatigue. Because of which it is considered a beneficial yoga asana for working women.

Conclusion: These yoga asanas have proved to be beneficial for working women and it can also be said that if a woman who is not working also does these yoga asanas, she will get the same benefit as a working woman.

If women include these yogasanas in their lifestyle, they will be able to maintain their health along with their career.

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